Conversant Technologies – Your Machine Learning Expert


Here are a few examples of engagements in the different industries to show the breath of our experience and capabilities.


Oil & Gas

Our systems provide real time monitoring and control of oil & gas wells. Customers use our IoT hardware and software tools to efficiently run cavern and injection tests to meet regulatory requirements.

Utilities & Energy Efficiency

We developed a utility scale platform for advanced demand side management (ADSM). This SCADA system enabled model-driven control of electrical loads around the world. Aggregations of capacity were dispatched to affect grid utilization as part of a smart grid solution.

We've also implemented machine learning algorithms for anomaly detection in energy and utility consumption data by learning occupancy and user behaviors from consumption and environmental data.


Reliability & Maintenance

Our machine learning algorithms analyze facility equipment data to generate comprehensive strategies for facility assets optimized for unit performance including baseline life cycle activities.

Semiconductor & Manufacturing

Our engineers have a history in solving physics and engineering problems which have been implemented by the world's leading semiconductor and manufacturing companies.

We developed a job scheduling optimization system that helped customers reduce plant down time and freed up resource man-hours in favor of automated monitoring and schedule forecast and adaptation

Stock Market


Our SaaS financial analysis application provides clients the frame work for real time trading strategy development and deployment. The application features a customizable trading platform complete with advanced back-testing and live trading integration.